Cosmological applications of space-time torsion

Orador: Francisco Cabral (UBI). Data, hora e local: 26 de Fevereiro de 2015, início às 14h30m na sala de reuniões do Departamento de Matemática.

Resumo: In this talk i will make a brief review on the basics of gravitational theories with torsion with special focus on the Einstein-Cartan-Sciama-Kibble theory and its cosmological applications. I will start by reviewing some fundamental notions of differential geometry relevant for Riemann-Cartan space-time and introduce torsion.Then i will show cosmological applications. The most common cosmological application of torsion theories consists in allowing the existence of cosmic acceleration without any kind of dark energy, however, we will see that the Einstein-Cartan theory (and Dirac equation in Riemann-Cartan space-time) applied to spatially homogeneous and isotropic geometry and fluid provides an interesting path to solve many other fundamental problems in cosmology such as, for example, the singularity problem, the matter/anti-matter asymmetry, dark matter, the flatness and horizon problems (without inflation). I will try to show the incredible potential importance of gravity theories with torsion in cosmology (and astrophysics) and briefly expose some other issues such as experimental tests of space-time torsion.​

Seminário realizado com o apoio do Centro de Matemática – 212 (Pest-OE/MAT/UI0212/2014).


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