Naked Firewalls

Orador: Yen Chin Ong (Nordita, Sweden)
Data, hora e local: 24 de fevereiro de 2016, às 11h30m na sala de reuniões do Departamento de Matemática.

Abstract: In the firewall proposal, it is assumed that the firewall lies near the event horizon and should not be observable except by infalling observers, who are presumably terminated at the firewall. We study the location of the firewall, assuming that it is determined by the spacetime evolution up to that time under thermal mass loss of Hawking radiation. We show that later quantum fluctuations of the Hawking emission rate can cause the “teleological” event horizon to have migrated to the inside of the firewall location, rendering the firewall naked. In principle, the firewall can be arbitrarily far outside the horizon. This casts doubt about the notion that firewalls are the “most conservative” solution to the information loss paradox.

For those that cannot make it, the seminar will be transmitted online and also stored on our youtube channel:


Funded by the Portuguese Government through the FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia under the project UID/MAT/00212/2013


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