Jacobi-Jordan-Admissible algebras and Pre-Jacobi-Jordan algebras
Said Benayadi (Université de Lorraine-Metz, France)
17 de Janeiro, às 15h
Abstract: The main purpose of this talk is to present some results on admissible Jacobi-Jordan algebras and some particular classes like pre-Jacobi-Jordan algebras.  In particular, we give some inductive descriptions of a particular but interesting class of pre-Jacobi-Jordan algebras by a process of oxidation.
Classifications of transposed Poisson algebras
Amir Fernández Ouaridi (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
17 de Janeiro, às 16h
Abstract:  We construct a method to obtain the algebraic classification of transposed Poisson algebras defined on a Lie algebra using its ½-derivations, and we apply it to obtain the classification of the 3-dimensional transposed Poisson algebras. In addition, we discuss the geometric classification of the variety of 3-dimensional Poisson algebras, extending the classical notion of degeneration to algebras with two multiplications. This is joint work with Patrícia Beites and Ivan Kaygorodov.

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